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USB Flash Drive

This flash drive holds just about everything we have ever done. There are certainly some rare tracks on here that you may not find anywhere else. This is a really good deal for $50.00.
List of contents:
A Child's Bestiary (album)
A Valentine For Frankenstein (mp3)
Ambient music from 2009 (album)
Annabel Lee Epic Version (mp3)
Broken Pieces (.wav)
Dark Shadows Theme (mp3)
Dolorosa Lachrymosa (album)
The Elegiac Repose (album)
Five Nocturnes (our very first EP)
Hallelujah (mp3)
Holiday music (EP)
I Felt a Funeral (mp3)
Lamplight and Shadow (theater production soundtrack)
Musick Most Dark (album)
Nightingale's Songbook (album bonus content)
Once Upon A Midnight (album)
Sally's Song (mp3)
The Crimson Masquerade (album)
The Ghosts of Christmas Past (album)
The GRRMirillion EP (EP based on Game of Thrones)
The Haunting of Mary Shelley (album)
The Merchant of Venice (theater production soundtrack)
The Nightingale A Gothic Fairytale (album)
The Tempest (theater production soundtrack)
The WInter's Tale (theater production soundtrack)
Twelfth Night (theater production soundtrack)
Videos for four tracks
Winternight Whisperings (album)

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Valentine Wolfe Greenville, South Carolina

Two morbidly fascinated musicians combining ambient solo bass, brutal distortion, electronica, and 18th century opera to tell a story of the macabre.

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